Artist's Agents Wanted!

Be my agent! You do have what it takes!

Most portrait painting commissions happen through word of mouth and from a referral during ordinary conversation. The “agent” simply needs to RECOGNIZE OR CREATE an opportunity.

Ideal candidates are men and women who are outgoing, gregarious and articulate, who love to attend high profile events - parties, fund-raisers, openings, premieres and other “A list” gatherings. Acting as an artist’s agent is a “halo” job that provides an opportunity to substantially supplement one’s income, while engaging in another career or networking for new opportunities.

EXAMPLE: You’re at an art opening find yourself chatting with an old or new friend. He happens to say, “I have no idea what to get Julie (his wife) for Christmas (Valentine’s, birthday, anniversary etc.). You say, “Has she ever had a portrait painted?” He may say, “Oh, she’d rather have a painting of the kids.” You can reply, “How about a painting of Julie and the kids, or better still, why don't you join them for a family group portrait.” You’ve planted the seed. He may then give you the opportunity to refer him to the portrait painter whom you represent.

EXAMPLE: You are at a cocktail reception at a major university. You find yourself chatting with an older lady who mentions that her husband is retiring as Dean of the Dental School. You ask her if anyone is raising money for a portrait to honor the Dean's long service to the university. It’s all about directing the conversation and making the opportunity happen.

The agent needs a basic knowledge of the various types of portraits to recognize an opportunity and plant the seed.

PERSONAL AND FAMILY PORTRAITS include portraits of individuals, family groups, children, anniversary and wedding tributes, people and their pets.

include college and university presidents, professors and deans, civic and political leaders, medical professionals, ministers and religious leaders, corporation executives and board members, judges and attorneys, sports and entertainment figures. Portraits are often painted to honor major charitable donors.

POSTHUMOUS PORTRAITS are done to honor lost loved ones and are often an important part of the healing process.

Most portrait commissions range from $3500 – $20,000.

The agent receives 10% simply for the referral leading to a completed commission.

SPECIAL NOTE TO NON-PROFIT CHARITIES: If I receive a referral leading to a completed commission directly from you or a supporter and am instructed to deliver the referral fee to your charity I will be happy to raise the amount to 15%.

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